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"Live Your Life Alive" Newest feature comedy/drama by Marguerite Fair

After Life Dating Service is in getting ready to be made into a ten minute movie short by the end of this year! We are gathering additional funds for the project. If you wish to contribute as an Executive Producer, please contact Marguerite Fair:

writermarguerite@gmail.com  - 424-298-1745​​


​​Writer, Author, Playwright, Filmmaker,


    Director for various projects

      Executive  Producer

                 for Fair Productions

Marketing Manager 

      Creative Consultant

         Editor and Content Provider 

Your Late Mother has been formatted to the one act structure to be entered into the 2016 Fringe Festival!

Marguerite Fair, Writer, Director & Producer

"Change the thoughts that dis-empower you"                                    Marguerite Fair


From the age of ten, I knew I was a writer and of the creative nature. I wrote stories and played them out with paper dolls at the kitchen table with my Mom. She taught me that laughter is a daily necessity and love and art are all that matters. Thank you for stopping to view my website. Let me share my creative journey with you. My nature is Spiritual and I am looking for joyful people to collaborate with to make our visions happen!

                                    Marguerite Fair, 2016