Web series "New Over 50"

Marguerite Fair and Maggie Gautier have created a funny new web show that is sure to delight you and make you laugh! Two over 50 women share a new show each Monday. It's a fun way to start off your Monday with five minutes of pure fun. You never know what these two are up to. "Laugh with us or at us." That is the Motto for these gals who share their Burbank lifestyle!  Go to their Facebook page to watch all of their shows.


Marguerite Fair

Writer, Director and Producer

The art of creation is a joyful expression of living....

We all leave our mark in the world.  Don't be discouraged; you can be innovative in sharing your gifts....

That was not true....

Lesson:  Be careful of the thoughts you choose to believe.

At age ten, I knew I was a writer. It was my greatest form of communication.  At fourteen I wrote a clever story composed of all the days popular songs. It was different, insightful and funny.  I showed it to the editor of the school paper and she  said that she liked it and would place it in the next edition. That never happened. I remember the thought of  how that disappointment lodged in my head. "Oh, I'm not good enough. Only special people are writers, I'm not good enough.

At 48 years of age, I ran away from home because I knew what I wanted to be when I grew wise!

    An advocate for those without voices!

Make friends with your local mannequins!  The ones at Navy will even talk back to you....

Take a ride on your favorite tree!

Create your uniqueness!

Don't take no for an answer, just ask a different question!

"Your Late Mother" the play that I wrote and collaborated with Kevin Dobson for almost two years. A project that is close to my heart.

Bring your visions to the present!

We are allArtists!

Movie short "Roberta's Choice" Written, directed and produced by Marguerite Fair - FairProductions.biz

Marguerite's new non-fiction: "New Over 50 - What I Learned About Better Health from Baroness Benita von Klingspor!

The fifth staged reading with action presented at the Victory Theatre on December 2, 2012. Written by Marguerite Fair in Collaboration with Kevin Dobson. Directed and Produced by Marguerite Fair

Performance for Goddess Intervention presented at the SpiritWorks Center on June 23, 2013. Written, directed and produced by Marguerite Fair

Bring out your Goddess, do what rings true to your heart!

  Goddess Intervention Cast

After the reading for "Your Late Mother" directed by Marguerite Fair

You can make things happen....just look at the situation from another view!

Marguerite Fair with Paul Carafotes. Paul read the role of Tim Dowkowski for "Your Late Mother" three times!  He received an award for "Club Soda. Paul is an actor, writer and director!

Cal Bartlett working up a sweat at rehearsal for "Goddess Intervention" What a joy he was to direct in the play!


Baroness Benita von Klingspor, my friend and mentor for a decade. Benita is the subject for my book: "New Over 50 - What I Learned About Better Health from Baroness Benita von Klingspor."

Marguerite Fair interviewing new cast members for "Goddess Intervention" A comedy play about four obsessive Goddesses on the path to self-realization! Katsy Chappell and Audrey Mitchell

    Hank Garrett with     Marguerite Fair

Katie Booth, Actor

Bernard Burlew, Actor

First reading for "Your Late Mother" Left to right: Tony Denison, Star of the Closer, Sheilah Grenham, Paul Carafotes and Tom.

Kevin Dobson outside of The Los Angeles Theatre Center, LA

Marguerite Fair - Chip Garmella

New Over 50

Marguerite Fair/lunch with Benita von Klingspor!

Jody Berger, Katsy Chappell, Cal Bartlett, Cindy Russell - "Goddess Intervention"

Katsy Chappell, Toni Tinkelman, Audrey Mitchell - "Goddess Intervention"

Tony Denison - Sean Young

Kevin Dobson, Actor

John Fantasia - Marguerite Fair

Your Late Mother

    Marguerite Fair - Kevin Dobson